Thursday, 13 November 2014

Third Meal

A series of four performances.

This is the third and last meal and in this performance we want to create a cycle.

We decide to explore our two previous themes again.
The ritual that is connected to tradition, culture, civilization and order.

The animal that connects to survival, instinct, subconsciousness and the unknown and wild. 

This time we investigate the borders between the wild animal and the civilized human within us.

Then comes the final elements to create a balanced cycle.

In the 13th performance we explore the idea of death through movement.

We think of death as a place of transission or an in-between place. We enter a neutral state of mind without any fear, judgement or identity. 
Acceptance and peace.

After death comes
In our movement we explore the idea of pure life.
We experience everything for the first time.